Zoom meetings and training

Zoom has become our way of communication during the last few months. We have been able to continue training and keep progressing without being in class. I have had the pleasure of meeting with many region representatives as well as attend many board meetings, with the ITF board of directors, the ITF Australia board of directors, the oceanic instructors and board as well as the gulf and middle eastern region representatives. I have started an instructor Arabic training class every Saturday for anyone in the Gulf or Middle East interested in refreshing or learning ITF Taekwon-Do. I am very much looking forward to my work in the region in the future.

Germany 2019

Congratulations to the new ITF Board of Directors.

The Australian team at the 2019 World Champs in Inzell, Germany


Grand Master Michael Daher Appointed Continental Director

In recognition of his contribution to the development, growth and promotion of Taekwondo in Australia and the surrounding region, Grand Master Daher was recently appointed you to the position of Continental Director for a period of two (2) years representing OCEANIA (ITF Affiliates).

Official Letter


“Foreign cultural policy is in itself vital for establishing and maintaining long lasting and deep relations between countries in international membership”

Customs and Ways
Do’s and Don’ts
Conducting Business
Class Distinctions

Local Administration


Each country has distinguishing National and Regional cultural characteristics. The success of any prospective foreign business partnership hinges on awareness of and respect for those distinctions.
Although culture encompasses more than etiquette, manners assume heightened importance on the international stage.

Handshake practices for example in Muslim countries a women is never approached with a handshake from a male, expected dress standards and acceptable physical distance during conversation require sensitivity to avoid misunderstandings.

Attitudes toward humour, punctuality and gestures, when unknown, can create deal-threatening confusion.
Differences in forms of address and name order can lead to unintended insults from greeting people incorrectly, negotiating challenges a business person’s communication skills at home.

The process becomes more complex when dealing with parties from different countries. Developing trust requires cross-cultural understanding helped by some ability to speak the language for example translation can be mis-understood.

Risk-taking and decision-making customs that steer negotiations relate to status and, at times, religious beliefs. Familiarity with a foreign colleague’s cultural background enables a negotiator to understand how he/she arrives at a conclusion and what he/she considers to be important.
The negotiator can avoid misunderstandings by learning how people in a country use body language, time and protocol to communicate unspoken messages.
If we have a problem with one of our existing members at times we as the board need to evaluate who is the best person to handle this situation, looking at language and cultural understanding.

GMD’s gift from NZ

The connection with ITFNZ & ITF Taekwon-do Australia has always been a strong connection, the spirit & strength was shown again at this weekends IUC course.

ITFNZ & County Manukau presented Grand Master Michael Daher with a He kotuku rerena tahi – a white heron flies once.

This is a New Zealand custom used when soothing very special takes place, congratulations for Grand Master promotion. What an honour, when excepting this special gift Grand Master Daher expressed that NZ was his second home & thanked the people of ITF New Zealand for the friendship.